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LAN Networks

Whether you need a network setting up from scratch, or your local area network needs expanding, or maybe it’s just not working 19 Computing are here to help

Setup from Scratch

Maybe you have started a new business or maybe perhaps you have just moved offices and need everything setup again, we can visit your premises and discuss with you your needs (this is all free as part of an evaluation). Once we have identified your needs we will put together a plan to get your network of IT in place and arrange to have it setup for you. Servers, workstations, printers and any other hardware that you need in place will be all setup for you so you are ready to get on with the important thing which is running your business. Should it be an office move we will carefully take everything over from the original setup and re-configure it at the new premises for you.

An expanding network                     

Whether you are taking on more staff and need extra workstations added or perhaps you need a new printer setup, we can help. Or it may be that you business has expanded to the point that perhaps it is now time for a server to be installed on the network, again we can help. Before we look at carrying out any of these exciting expansion plans we will visit your site and provide you with a free network evaluation, evaluation what you currently have in place and look at what is now required. We will then put an action plan together including costings so that you are clear with what work is being carried out.

My network just does not work!      

Problems connecting to devices at times?

Maybe your network cupboard is just a complete mess of cabling and needs a good tidy up

Or maybe your server just dies regularly.

Whatever the problem we can help…

Remember we offer a free evaluation onsite first before we provide a quote as to our recommendations.

Our Services

IT Support Services

19 Computing provide total peace of mind IT support solutions that will allow you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

Telephone & Remote Support

19 Computing provides IT Help Desk services staffed by professional technical support engineers. 19 Computing can provide telephone help desk support and remote help desk support services.

Pay As You Go IT Support

Pay as you go IT support offers a flexible option for clients that may have smaller IT systems or who only require IT support on a fairly infrequent basis. It can also be used for a specific project or for IT consultany work.

Server Health Check

Our skill and experience enables us to provide high-level support for the latest systems and our engineers can install and support anything from the smallest office environment to large corporate networks.